Should You Sell Now Or Wait Until Spring?

December 29, 2016

Is Winter A Good Time To List My Home For Sale?

One of the questions I often get from perspective home sellers is should I list my home in January or wait until spring? There really is no right or wrong answer.  You must look at the housing market in your area and your own personal circumstances.

Low inventory is fantastic for home sellers.  If there is a low inventory of homes for sale in your area then it could be a good time for you to sell. Supply and demand tells us that most things sell for more monbright picture of man holding paper houseey when there is less of them available. It has been proven time and again this applies to housing. Unfortunately many people assume incorrectly that homes do not sell in the winter.

Aside from the holiday season, winter is a time when most people retreat to their homes and wait out the cold for warmer weather. For home sellers, it can seem like winter time is a less than ideal time to try and list a house.  They think “wouldn’t it be better to wait until spring when everyone is ready to come out of their warm houses”?

This assumption can lead many sellers to miss out on great selling opportunities that come with winter. In fact, it may be easier to sell your home in January than in July.

If you are in the mood to sell your house, doing so in winter can actually lead to really great results. January turns out to be a fantastic time to list your house, and winter in general is coming to be accepted as as good a time as any – and better than some – for selling.

The debate is whether they should list their home in January or wait until spring. Of course the thought process with most sellers is their home looks best in the spring.  Most homeowners say “My home looks awful in the winter compared to the spring”. What many homeowners don’t realize is everyone is in the same boat.  Your competition is dealing with the same factors.

There are a couple of things to consider about selling your home in winter, including:

Buyers Are Motivated

Buyers do not want to be out in the cold any more than you do.  So if they are leaving the comfort of their warm home to come look at yours, chances are they are motivated buyers.  Buyers that are willing to drive through the snow and bundle up to go look at homes are more typically more motivated that those that are looking during the warmer months.

They may have a baby on the way, or they may want to start out the new year with a new home, they may have to get out of their current living situation out of necessity – whatever the reason, they are serious about purchasing a house.

Statistics Say Winter Is A Good Time To Sell

Studies show that homes do sell best in spring, but only by a small margin. The next best time to sell a home turned out to be winter, followed by summer and then fall. Studies show that winter home sales were only one percentage point lower than the figures for spring, with summer trailing quite a bit behind.

Homes in winter often sell quickly and for a good price, something worth thinking about if you are in the position to sell in January, February or March. Maybe listing your home for sale now instead of waiting until spring is not a bad idea after all?

You Can Create A Warm and Welcoming En00c11155447e7bcf75c058c61811ca2e (2)vironment

You can stage your home to take advantage of the buyers longing for warmth and shelter.  Buyers are out looking at homes and it is cold outside.  By making your home cozy and inviting you are creating the comfortable feeling of home as soon as they walk in the front door.

A fire in the fireplace, warm lighting, the smell of cookies baking in the oven. A snow-filled yard and snow covered roof. Do it right and buyers may not want to leave, which gives you leverage in trying to sell the home.

Less Competition

Plenty of sellers are still convinced that winter is not the time to try and sell a house. If their houses are on the market, they may pull them off as winter comes around. If they are considering selling, they may put off the sale until the weather gets warmer.

Because sellers are convinced that winter is bad for sales, there are often less houses available for buyers to look at. The situation can become a perfect storm of sorts, with your house perfectly positioned for motivated buyers, all thanks to the weather.

Final Thoughts

Winter could be the best time for you to list your home for sale.  If you are trying to determine whether it makes sense to sell your home now or wait until the spring, give me a call at 519-215-0142, I would love to discuss your options with you.